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What are you gonna do if the boy you crashing into has no interest in you? Are you gonna cry to death? To cry for the excuse made up by yourself that you are not excellent, that you are not beautiful?

Pride and prejudice is Austin’s great work. Through the discussion of the different marriages and love, the writer demonstrates her concept about love and marriage: love and marriage is closely associated with property and society, however, love and marriage can not only be decided by the property and social status. An ideal marriage should be based on mutual affection, respect and the same interest. She rejects the marriage based only on wealth.

Lies that we live by。This is definitely not just a serie to kill TIME!

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Different people have different ideas upon marriage. By the description and discussion of the four marriages in the novel, we can see that Austen fully expresses her views on love and marriage.  Only by appreciating the marriage founded on the basis of mutual understanding and true love, but also by satirizing the marriage founded on the basis of origin and desire.

A perfect life is a perfect LIE."

Let me tell you. You should let the boy screw himself. You are beautiful and you are amazing. Stop permitting the boys doing asshole things on you. You do not deserve this.

The marriage based on social position and money can’t bring happiness in life. Aimless marriage and love are unpractical.

Everyday we live in our happy little world with LIES. Lies to others, lies to ourselves... Lies are an essential part to make our life beautiful. The reality is harsh for everyone, and we know that exactly in our heart, but no one wants to tear the world apart and feel the harshness every minute and second. So we need lies to live.

BUT first off, we need to get a glimpse of the unreasonable inner structure of the most immature animal on this planet.

Everything goes wrong for poor couples. Marriage based on wealth is not a fault. At least, it can offer us a better condition of life. Property is not everything in the life but without it, we can do nothing. This is called reality. But if you only married for wealth, you sell your liberty. The rest of your life might be miserable, and your marriage will filled with endless bitterness.

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